Tuesday, January 18, 2005

DA finds town committee again violated meetings law

For the second time, the Norfolk County district attorney has found that a Norton, Mass., subcommittee negotiating to open a YMCA has broken the state Open Meeting Law by going into closed session, the Daily News Transcript reports. Norfolk Assistant District Attorney James Reidy ruled that the YMCA Negotiating Subcommittee violated the law by meeting in secret Dec. 9.

Reidy said the committee must release its meeting minutes immediately, adding, "This office is prepared to initiate action in Superior Court to remedy any further violations of the Open Meeting Law by the Negotiating Subcommittee or the Rink/Due Diligence Committee." This is the DA's second ruling against the subcommittee, the Daily News Transcript says. On Nov. 9, the DA ruled that the subcommittee broke the Open Meeting Law by entering into closed sessions on July 21, Aug. 12, Sept. 14 and Sept. 28.

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