Thursday, September 08, 2005

Delaware court hears blog libel case

"DOVER - The Delaware Supreme Court waded chest-deep Wednesday into an Internet free-speech case, seeking to strike a balance between one person's right to free speech against another's claims of libel.

"Smyrna Town Councilman Patrick J. Cahill and his wife Julie filed the suit last year in Superior Court alleging they were defamed by four anonymous posters to a community issues Web log - or blog - on the Internet."

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Anonymous said...

Here's a report of a similar suit in the Chicago suburbs from Obiter Dictum and Marathon Pundit:

Illinois Blogger Sued for $1 Million

Hat tip to Obiter Dictum on this one. I don't know much about this case or this blogger, but Proviso Township, IL (west of Oak Park, east of DuPage County) is not know for its high standards of public service or ethics. Of course, we'll taking about Illinosi here, so that may not mean much.