Friday, December 09, 2005

Colorado bans blogging on state computers

After learning that anonymous postings to a Colorado political blog,, originated from a computer in the office of Gov. Bill Owens, the governor issued a directive banning state employees from posting to blogs using government computers, the Rocky Mountain News reports.

The governor's directive, issued through his chief of staff, said:
"It has become apparent that Executive and Legislative computers have been used to post commentary on political web logs (blogs).

"Today, the governor ordered that we develop new policy prohibiting the use of government computers from being used to post to any such sites. Please make certain that all members of your respective staffs are notified that this policy is effective immediately."

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Anonymous said...

I think that the Governor in Colorado has every right to ban blogging from governmental computers on governmental blogging sites. If a person is hired to a position in a government office, then he or she should do the job will all the utmost loyalty and integrity. If a person is more worried about the blog and writing on it, whether it be good or bad,than doing thier job, then I think that they need more to do. I think that the Governor is right to ban because he deserves the loyalty of his emplyees.