Thursday, January 19, 2006

Carrying the cross of the First Amendment

I just came across this article from Boston's Weekly Dig: When the First Amendment Ain't Enough, about campaigns in Massachusetts and in Congress to enact reporters' shield laws. Not sure when the article ran, because the Web page is not dated, but it offers a good overview of the issue here in Massachusetts. I am quoted with regard to my involvement in drafting the bill. But the best quote comes from Bill Ketter, Eagle-Tribune VP of news, who opposes a shield law:
"I think pleading with Congress or a legislature -- institutions we'’re supposed to cover and not ask favors of for quickie redress of this latest flurry of troublesome subpoenas --— is not the right approach. We'’ve got to continue to rely on that old rugged cross -- the First Amendment -- and carry it up a hill every once in a while. And if that means going to jail, then we need to be prepared to do so."

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