Thursday, August 23, 2007

Podcast: Baseball and the Law

Steroid scandals, home-run balls, libel lawsuits -- baseball is becoming a hotbed of legal activity. This week on the legal-affairs podcast Lawyer 2 Lawyer, my cohost J. Craig Williams and I discuss the legal issues emerging in the wake of Barry Bonds' new home-run record, from what Major League Baseball should do about steroids to who rightly owns the home-run ball. Joining us are two of the world's leading experts on baseball and the law, Professor Paul Finkelman from Albany Law School in Albany, N.Y., and Professor Howard Wasserman, visiting asssociate professor at St. Louis University School of Law and associate professor at the Florida International University School of Law, who is also a contributor to Sports Law Blog.

Listen to or download the program from this page.

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