Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Podcast Named Best Legal Podcast

I am honored to report that Lawyer2Lawyer, the weekly legal-affairs podcast I cohost with J. Craig Williams, is the winner for the second year in a row of Dennis Kennedy's Best of Law-related Blogging Award for Best Legal Podcast. Dennis writes:
"This regular weekly podcast of interviews and panel discussions has a new name for 2007, but is once again the clear choice as best legal podcast. The ability to produce a consistent weekly show with great topics and guests helps this podcast move to the top of the list. I'm consistently impressed by the way Bob Ambrogi and Craig Williams put together shows on the leading stories of the day. If you want to learn about how to do a good legal podcast, you can go to school on this one. And it's fun to be a guest on this podcast."
Kennedy's honorable mention in this category goes to Denise Howell's always superb This Week in Law.

The award is all the more special in that it comes from someone who hosts his own well-done podcast, The Kennedy-Mighell Report, together with Tom Mighell. Congratulations to Craig Williams and our producers and show hosts at the Legal Talk Network. Congratulations, as well, to the other Blawggies winners.

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Christopher King said...

Oh I'm pretty sure I'll never be named "best anything" but that's all right with me, I'm too busy prevailing over NH AG Kelly Ayotte. The Court found she acted ILLEGALLY toward KingCast so now I'm submitting my affidavit of costs on a crucial FOIA case involving a double homicide.

Meanwhile Harvard is busy removing my posts even though my post was about suing to obtain IP addresses and was squarely on point so this morning (17 March 2008) I asked them the following:


Why on Earth did you pull my links to the KingCast/Jesseman post?

There's information in there now about Fuzzy Zoeller's case, which was also on point.