Saturday, May 03, 2008

Op-ed on open meetings bill

The Boston Globe today published an op-ed I wrote on current efforts to reform the Massachusetts open meeting law: Open the doors to public meetings.

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Christopher King said...

Well you got that right. Government needs to be open and accessible to the public and not withhold complaints from its citizens, such as the one filed by NH Attorney Troy Watts against one Norman Bruce McKay.

The town, in a Right-to-Know lawsuit brought by blogger Christopher King ( v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al) claimed in a recent affidavit that it did not have a copy of the Ethics Complaint against this officer of questionable virtue.

But the County Prosecuting Attorney was more than happy to provide KingCast with one.

Let's pick up the action here:

And continue then with the Notice to the Court, which has already declared KingCast a prevailing party as it prepares to determine the ultimate damages awards from BOTH defendants.

Nice, huh? Good luck to the South, looks like the Norther of New England is already long gone, or the dog ate the homework, or whatever.