Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AG Posts Series of Open Meeting Law Training Videos

Kudos to Attorney General Martha Coakley's office for creating and posting a series of free training videos in the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law. The videos are available on the AG's website and also on YouTube. They are useful for public officials, members of the press, members of the public and anyone wanting a better understanding of the law.

The series consists of six separate videos. The entire series takes about an hour to watch. The six in the series are:

  • Video #1: Introduction and Open Meeting Law Definitions.
  • Video #2: Meeting Notices.
  • Video #3: Accessibility of Meetings; Remote Participation; and Public Participation in Meetings.
  • Video #4: Executive Sessions.
  • Video #5: Meeting Minutes and Records.
  • Video #6: Public Body Member Certification; Open Meeting Law Complaint Process; Resources and Contact Info. 
Along with the videos, the AG's office has provided the full transcript of the series for download.

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