Friday, March 31, 2006

Podcast examines plight of public defenders

In Missouri, public defenders earn a starting salary of $37,800 but were expected to handle an average of 298 cases each last year. Throughout the United States, public defenders are in similar circumstances, earning low salaries, carrying heavy caseloads and handling some of the toughest cases our legal system sees. What dedication drives them to do it. What can be done to improve their pay and working conditions?

On this week's Coast to Coast, we discuss the plight of public defenders. Our guests for the program are:
  • Greg Apt, a public defender in Los Angeles County for 11 years.
  • Josh Hanye, a second-year public defender in the Boston Trial Unit of the Massachusettts Committee for Public Counsel Services.
  • Robert Spangenberg, president of the Spangenberg Group, a nationally recognized research and consulting firm specializing in improving justice programs.
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