Thursday, March 09, 2006

Podcast examines soaring law firm salaries

This week on the legal news podcast Coast to Coast, we discuss soaring associate salaries. After a few years of relative stagnation, salaries for first year law associates suddenly are exploding. Starting pay is an incredible $145,000 at some large firms and I heard today of one that hit $150,000. What is going on here? Joining us to discuss this are Carey Bertolet, managing director of BCG Attorney Search in New York City, Melissa Lennon, senior director of the Temple Law School Office of Career Planning, and Michel J. Ayer, a law student at the University of Iowa College of Law.

Coast to Coast is the weekly legal news podcast cohosted by J. Craig Williams and me and produced by the Legal Talk Network. An archive of all past shows is available here. All shows are available to listen to in Windows Media format or to download in MP3 format. The show's RSS feed is available here.

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