Thursday, November 10, 2005

C2C this week: What's next for Vioxx cases?

This week's Coast to Coast -- the legal news audiocast hosted by J. Craig Williams and me -- looks at the future of Vioxx litigation in the wake of Merck's recent win in New Jersey. Our guests this week are:
  • Thomas V. Girardi of Girardi Keese, Los Angeles, the lawyer whose case against Pacific Gas & Electric became the storyline for the movie Erin Brockovich and who now serves on the liaison committee for Vioxx multi-district litigation in the federal courts.
  • Dawn M. Barrios, partner with Barrios, Kingsdorf & Casteix, New Orleans, La. She also serves on the Vioxx liaison committee and her firm represents some 2,000 Vioxx plaintiffs.
  • Lisa Brennan, staff reporter for the New Jersey Law Journal who covered the Vioxx trial there.
The audiocast is available for download or in streaming form. The complete library of Coast to Coast programs is available through the Legal Talk Network.

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