Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Libel lawsuits against bloggers

Eric P. Robinson, a lawyer with the Media Law Resource Center, has put together an interesting compilation of libel and related lawsuits against bloggers. He lists and describes 14 cases that cover the gamut from defamation to trade secrets to national security. Three so far have resulted in published decisions, two in favor of the bloggers -- Doe v. Cahill, in which the Delaware Supreme Court reversed a lower court's decision ordering an ISP to reveal the identity of anonymous posters to a blog, and Penn Warranty Corp. v. DiGiovanni, in which a New York trial court dismissed a libel suit brought against a man for his 45-page Web site detailing his gripes against a car insurer -- and one, Sollami v. Sheppard, in which New York's Appellate Division allowed a defamation case against a blogger to proceed to trial.

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