Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This blog joins launch of Corante Media Hub

I am proud to announce that this blog today becomes a member of the newly launched Corante Media Hub, part of a new direction from Corante that has it partnering with independent bloggers on specific topics and aggregating, distilling and synthesizing their writings in topic-specific sections, or "hubs." Other hubs Corante has launched so far are Web and Marketing.

Corante founder and editor Hylton Jolliffe describes it this way:
"The goal of this page: to become a trusted and useful tool for you - one that helps you find and sift through what's worth reading, one that provides valuable context and perspective, and one that engages in and extends the conversations so essential to the rise of social media."
I have long respected the innovative work of Corante, which describes itself as "the world's first blog media company." Many in the legal community are already familiar with its hosted blogs, such as Between Lawyers and Copyfight. As part of the Media Hub, I have the added privilege of becoming affiliated with a distinguished group of independent bloggers who form the Media Hub's contributors. Stay tuned as this continues to evolve.

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